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As stylist and salon owners we grew tired of product lines that were developed by manufactures, who knew nothing about the industry just taking guesses on what the public wanted or needed and never addressing the issues specific to what the consumer wanted.  We  take great pride on the constant obsession of understanding these issues.  Our contemporary and motivated team is driven to perfection in every aspect of our industry truly loving our work.  We aim to create the highest quality products and tools.  After so much trial and error we finally got it right.  By Focusing on proper communication from other professionals in the industry as well as the general public we were able to create a product line that can refine and enhance your current style.  Simple fact being that Modern Element Products, is produced by stylists that based their decisions off of what the consumer wanted.  Modern Element Products, is Designed to heal and strengthen the hair for a soft, velvet-like feel while still achieving great control and predictable results for fun and exciting new styles.  Keeping the Goal in mind that we wanted clients to use a little bit of product to have such a dramatic change in the way their hair feels and moves. Let us prove what we can do and show you we're no ordinary hair care line!

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