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Modern Element Products is over the moon to release the Final Fix to the rest of the world.  After years of R&D, this is the ulitamte treatment to restore your hair to its previous glow, undoing so much of the damage we put our hair throught, all for the sake of beauty.


Directions:  After thoroughly shampooing your broken and damaged mane, crack open your Final Fix and pour a generous amount of this magical elixir into the palm of your hand, then massage it thoughly into the hair from roots to ends.  Then rinse hair thoroughly.  


For Maximum Results:  Comb through hair with a soft bristle brush and leave in the hair for up to 5 minutes.  


If volume is a concern only apply the Final Fix from the midsection to the ends of the hair.  

The Final Fix

SKU: 758475062305
$49.99 Regular Price
$37.99Sale Price
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